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  • SALONS & HOME USE】 PROWAX heater high quality waxing kit is suitable for salons and home use. The size of the wax heater is 7inch/17cm(diameter) and 4.7inch/13cm(height), it’s easy to carry and store. Just turn on the wax warmer and wait a quarter, then you can begin a happy DIY hair removal, very convenient and save money
  • 【HIGH QUALITY WAXING KIT】 You can do DIY hair removal for many times anywhere. There are 4 different colors of the wax beads, and the colors are random. You can also buy other wax and heat them with the wax heater
  • 【MEET ALL HAIR REMOVAL NEEDS】 XIAOCAI wax pot is nearly for all hair removal needs. It’s suitable for removing the hair from eyebrows, face, armpits, chest, arms, legs, toes and other place. You can DIY remove hair at home, no need to pay money in salons
  • 【HOW TO USE】 Hot waxing kit is very easy to use. Just put a pack of wax beads in the wax pot, then turn on the hot wax kit, wait about a quarter, and then the wax beads are totally thawy. You can get some liquid wax with wood stickers, then wait several minutes until the liquid wax becomes solid state, then take the wax off. You’d better test a little wax on wrist to see if super sensitive with it
  • 【COMPATIBLE WITH DIFFERENT WAX】 waxing kit is compatible with different wax, like paraffin, soft wax, cream Wax etc. You can heat other wax in your needs. If you can’t use up the liquid wax in one time, just leave them in the wax pot. You can continue to heat it next time when you need to remove hair on body. Just begin a happy removal hair trying by your self


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Wax Heater for Hair Removal

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