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Quick-drying towels are made of coral fleece. The coral fleece on the head is very soft.

No fast-drying hair, no drooling, no wet clothes! After washing, wrap your hair with a coral fleece towel and tie a knot. Dry your hair quickly to save time and reduce hair loss After washing your hair, wrap it in a quick-drying towel. Hair towels absorb moisture most and are the best soft way to dry your hair.

Suitable for all hair types and lengths. Short, long, straight, curly, wavy hair. Coral fleece towels are essential at home, at the gym, while traveling, or at the pool.

Using a blow dryer can cause significant damage to your hair. This dry hair cap can dry your hair in 5 minutes. Travel time is about 5 minutes. Please try it during the promotion period.

100 ultra-fine composite fiber materials with 100 buttons to fix bath towels. Hair does not slip even when taking a bath. Very user friendly!

Dry your hair with super absorbent, fast drying, time saving and 100% natural quick magic hair dry hat! No need for an electric hair maker anymore! Reduce the risk of splitting.

Quick Magic Hair Dry Hat is perfect for daily use at home, in the gym, and on the go. Very useful for face, bath, makeup, face wash. Fits all hair types and lengths.

Using a hair dryer will cause great damage to your beautiful hair. Meanwhile, the towel absorbs moisture into the hair. This is the softest and least effective way to dry long hair.


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Rapid Drying Hair Towel

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