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1. Kitchen essentials: a food processor can make every cutting or slicing job more efficient and fun It is compact and versatile, and can help you turn any vegetable or fruit into a mouth-watering dish.

2. Multifunctional design: Our vegetable cutter is equipped with 5 stainless steel blades that allow you to slice any type of food. Choose the blade you need and enjoy smooth and clean slices for impeccable service.

3. Innovative and multifunctional: What makes the slicer, vegetable and cutting machine truly unique is the multifunctional design.

4. Excellent quality: This professional vegetable slicer is made of high-quality materials, is food-grade and safe to use. The handheld shredder is equipped with anti-corrosion stainless steel blades and well-made accessories to ensure long-term use and reliability.5. Easy to use: The manual chopper kit is equipped with everything you need to make your cooking process easier.

Our vegetable slice chopper will be not only an essential helper in kitchen, but also great gift for wife, family and friends!
Convenient Operate & Fast Clean: Put the washed vegetables into the feeding chute, then you can cut out the shape you want, it is very easy to operate and more effortless

Item Description:
Material:BPA free


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Multifunctional Vegetable Slicer

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