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Laundry beads is soluble in water and has no residue after washing.
1. Enzyme formula.
Select the ecologically active enzymes to be carefully formulated to penetrate the fabric fibers and clean the stains.
2. 8 times concentrated.(8g Laundry beads=60g Laundry liquid)
3.This laundry beads is a phosphorus-free formula with no added aluminum.
4, deep clean, no residue and environmental protection.
5. this product is a phosphorus-free concentrated formula, no added aluminum, fluorescent agent, deep clean, easy to rinse, no residue and more environmentally friendly.
Main Ingredient:
Surface active agents, stabilizers, neutral agents, dispersants, laundry agents, perfumes, enzymes, and so on.
Instructions for use:
1.Do not cut or tear open. (The transparent wrap film is a water-soluble material that does not need to be torn.)
2. Pour in the clothes and start the washing machine.
Do not use the ultra-fast wash mode below 18 minutes


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Laundry Ball Beads Laundry Gel Stains Film Bead Ball Capsules Travel Washing Liquid

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